Engaging The Enemy by Alex Woolfson ~ Book Review by Queue

YPTitle: Engaging The Enemy
Series: The Young Protectors, Vol 1)

Author: Alex Woolfson

Publisher: *Not Listed

Cover Artist: Adam DeKraker, Paul Sizer

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 03/16/2016

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, Young Adult


Evil can be seductive…

Kyle–a closeted, teen superhero who can control fire–has finally summoned up the courage to enter a local gay bar. It’s his very first step towards accepting himself. Unfortunately for him, his very next step out of the bar places him face-to-face with The Annihilator, “the most dangerous supervillain in the world.” And the price that The Annihilator demands to keep Kyle’s secret will lead Kyle down a path fraught with danger, adventure and unexpected romance. It’s a path that will force Kyle to question what it really means to be a hero and will ultimately thrust him and his young teammates into an epic conflict against vastly superior foes.

The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is a multi-chapter superhero comic with explosive action, sly comedy, tender romance and powerful drama that both women and men will enjoy.

My View:

If you like superheroes, this is the book for you. If you like comic books and graphic novels, this is the book for you. Even if you don’t like those things, this is the book for you.

I’ve reviewed several comic books but mostly ones by Class Comics. Those comics are usually heavy on sex and lighter on plot. There’s nothing wrong with that and they’re enjoyable reads, but The Young Protectors is entirely different. Here the plot and characters are key.

Oh, and the art is AWESOME!

Young Protectors is actually a web comic which is updated with new chapters on a regular basis. http://webcomics.yaoi911.com/typ/ete_title_page/


This print volume of Young Protectors collects the first volume of the story which focuses on the young super-hero named Red Hot accepting his sexuality. He finds the courage to go into a gay bar and when he leaves he is confronted by a super-villain known as The Annihilator. The bad guy doesn’t want to fight Red Hot, however, he wants to ask him on a date. The first date happens but it doesn’t go without some drama.

The comic also introduces the other members of The Young Protectors. There’s a hilarious sequence where the team finds parody porn videos based on themselves. Some members are disgusted, while others are either intrigued or couldn’t care less. These are all extremely interested characters and I look forward to getting to know them more.

I’ve read a lot of the web comic so I know how part of the story turns out. I find reading it together on the kindle much easier but I also want to know what’s happened since I stopped reading (not because I didn’t like the story but because I forget to check for updates.)

The only complain I have about the book is that the other volumes aren’t collected.

Seriously, you have to check this one out. If you’ve never read a comic book before this is absolutely the one to read. Great characters, awesome plot and top notch art make for an incredible read.




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One thought on “Engaging The Enemy by Alex Woolfson ~ Book Review by Queue

  1. As a reader, I want something that “engages” me. As an author, I look for something that is put together well. As a woman of a certain age, who thought I’d ever love a comic story! I didn’t even read comics as a kid. But…i have been following Alex and his Young Protectors for about 2 years and I have never been disappointed. It’s an amazing story of character growth, selflessness, and hot guys! What’s not to like? Keep it up Alex. The world needs more of your Young Protectors!

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