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Prism Book Alliance® would like to thank Saxon Hawke for stopping by today on the 2016 GRL Author Spotlight Tour. Please give them a warm welcome.

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Gay. Romance. Lit.

Sigh. What can I say about a gathering of such incredible people? Well, I guess I should say something, or this is going to be the shortest guest blog ever. Oh, and I think I’ll do a cover reveal while I’m at it, because who doesn’t like cover reveals? If you just put your hand up, shush. It’ll be worth it. There may be a kilt. Just sayin’.

Last year was my very first GRL and I was there as a reader and almost author (my first novella was published Christmas 2015). I was like a wide-eyed little GRL baby. We may have melted in that San Diego heatwave, but it was worth every sweaty moment. All those authors…all those makers of words…in one place. Such and complete gah!

I remember the first night, sitting in the hotel bar and accidentally falling into a conversation with Brandon Witt. Brandon Freaking Witt. You know those times when you know you are drunk but you keep telling yourself to keep it cool so no one knows you’re three sheets to the wind? That’s what sitting next to everyone’s favourite corgi loving author was like. Stay cool, Saxon. Words, Saxon. Blink, Saxon. Stop checking out his tattoos, Saxon. Totally one of my finer moments. But he was gentle.

Just like every author I met over those five days.

The authors. Those crazy people who make us laugh and cry in equal measure. We were there to see them, but damn, they were there to see us, the readers, just as much. To have an author know me as a fan and flail just as much as I was flailing meeting them. It’s pure magic. And yes, the flail is strong at GRL. You have been warned. Might be good to start limbering up those arm flail muscles now, because you are going to need them.

Then of course, there was the excitement of meeting friends that you love but had yet to meet. And the friends that you had yet to know were missing from your life. Our tribe. People who get the importance of ménage, mpreg, and mermen. People who understand the need for acceptance and that love is love, no matter the heart. We are all fans. I think there is a reason we are spread across the globe – having that much awesome in one spot is not only unfair to the rest of the global population, but I’m sure we completely monkey with the Earth’s magnetic field. Those memories will be with me forever.

Now the counter has reset and we’re heading towards GRL 2016.

I am so excited, and equally terrified, to be attending this year as an actual author! Gulp. Okay, Supporting Author, but I still get to wear my big girl author pants. It sure seemed like a great idea when I hit the checkout button on the registration page. But as nervous as I am to have even the smallest spotlight shining on me, I am so looking forward to meeting you all again and for the first time.

Now I did promise all the way up at the top of the page there might be a kilt. Well, you are all extremely lucky, because not only is there a kilt, but there is a half-naked man wearing said piece of delicious clothing. Thank you so much, Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design for knocking it out of the park with my beautiful cover for Off Kilter, coming October 2016.

(So a little truth before we get to see my gorgeous baby…I was planning on being much further along in the process of my first full length novel. I had a plan and everything. I would like to say, however, that writers’ block and writers’ anxiety is real y’all. Seriously. Best laid plans and all that. I am trying my absolute best to make sure my words will be out before we all load up our suitcases and make the pilgrimage to Kansas City.)


About the Author

Caffeine addict. Sarcasm aficionado. Maker of words.
Saxon can be found either on her computer or talking to random people in elevators to annoy her son. She believes that love is love, and although she does believe that all her characters deserve a happily ever after, she’s not opposed to messing with them a little bit before they get there.



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