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Title: Make Someone Happy
Author: Hank Fielder
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 10/26/2016


Massage therapist Joe Wells is in a little over his head with his first job at the posh Magic Touch Sports Spa. He’s also secretly falling for his friendly, sexy coworker, the top-notch masseur Andre Swift. All the clients clamor for Andre, and so far none have taken to Joe.

On the verge of being fired, Joe saves the life of a mysterious kitten belonging to a white witch, who grants him a wish: a magic touch that could save his job and maybe even win him Andre’s love and respect. As Joe’s stock at the spa rises to crazy and barely manageable levels of success, demand for Andre’s services drops off. Will Joe lose Andre to an out-of-control spell? Or worse—Andre’s love might prove to be only a result of the magic, just like Joe’s sudden talent.

Recent Release Spotlight with Hank Fielder


We are here today to talk about “Make Someone Happy”.  What can you tell us about it?

Hank Fielder (HF): Hi, it’s nice to meet you! “Make Someone Happy” is an urban fantasy, a novella, and it comes out on October 26, 2016 from Dreamspinner Press.  It’s my third book to be published by Dreamspinner Press — and I’m excited!  Joe Wells has fallen hard for his fellow massage therapist at the Magic Touch Sports Spa in Milwaukee. Andre offers friendship, but Joe wants so much more.  He needs a miracle – or maybe some magic!  Too bad he doesn’t believe in magic, even when a white witch named Felicity offers her services.  As the blurb for the book describes it, the unintended consequences of magic can be trouble.  Passions ablaze is in this one, along with light-hearted humor and powerful emotion.


Please tell us more about our main characters.

HF: Young Joe is struggling, in over his head at his first job at the Magic Touch Sports Spa.  He grew up on a farm in Nebraska and is inexperienced in the workplace, and in love.  But he’s passionate — and simply overcome with passion and lust for his wonderful co-worker.  Andre is a gorgeous, strong and capable massage therapist.  In short, he has everything Joe wants.  Everything!  As their relationship builds from friendship to steamy heights of passion, Joe wonders if Andre really loves him — or if he has simply succumbed to the magic spell cast when Joe was granted a wish by Felicity.


What about “Make Someone Happy” makes you the proudest?

HF: This story delves into magic and fantasy in a light way — you aren’t completely certain that what is happening is magic, or simply things that can naturally happen but which are naturally miraculous. Like falling in love. I like that the story shows that a sincere everyday guy like Joe can actually achieve what he wants in life, if he doesn’t allow himself to get in the way.  I’m proudest of this tale because it combines love and fantasy and — I hope — true pleasure for the reader.


What is next for these characters?  Is there more to this series?  If so who will we hear from next?

HF: I think it would be nice if readers wonder what will happen to Joe and Andre after the last page.  After all, their lives have changed a lot over the course of a few fiery autumn weeks.  The beautiful young white witch character, Felicity, has given up white magic because of all the unforeseen consequences of her spells. But could she be convinced to cast one or two more spells? Might she appear in more tales, providing help to the lovelorn?  I’m seeing storylines all over the place!


If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

HF: Read as much as possible in all kinds of genres, but especially in the one you love the most — and then begin writing the story you’d love to read.


What is the nicest thing a reader has said to you in a review, email, in person, or on social media?

HF: I was touched that a complete stranger would write something as nice as one of the reviews I received at Amazon for a previous story.  He or she simply said that the story was one of the most emotional and strongest tales they had read, and they recommended others savor it as well, and keep it to be savored again and again.  That just warms my heart and makes me feel like I’ve achieved what I set out to do: to stir a readers emotions and entertain him or her; to make someone happy.


What do you think is the most rewarding thing about writing M/M versus other genres?

HF: There are so many rewarding things about this kind of writing.  One of the best is that I can do genres within this genre — I can write an MM romance story that’s a thriller (“When We Picked Apples Last Autumn”), a realistic urban contemporary (“Emerald Idol”) or a magical fantasy — “”Make Someone Happy.”  I feel the sky’s the limit as long as I’m doing what I love — telling an exciting, involving story with a central theme of the search for love and passion.


Do you have a character in your head that you have yet to write a story for?

HF: Yes, and that’s such an interesting question.  I believe you can develop a story based on all kinds of “germs” or basic ideas — whether that’s a situation or it’s a character wandering around looking for a plot!  I do very clearly see a sort of country fellow wandering about the rural paths and river roads of a bucolic America.  Maybe he has a volume of Walt Whitman in his pocket, or maybe he’s running away from home or on his way to the city of industry.  I’m going to let him walk for a while.  After all, he’s happy and the sunlight is on his face.  Neither he nor I know yet what’s up ahead for him.


What book do you keep by your bed?

HF: “The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard”


If the world were going to end tomorrow, how would you spend your last night on earth?

HF: It would probably be wise to live as though the world will end tomorrow, and that all we do today might be for the very last time.  After all, this could be true — and someday will be true, at least in the sense that we will all die one day.  That means trying to be mindful about what we are doing right now while we’re doing it, and actually loving it, and brushing off the small stuff.  For a writer, loving his or her work is one way of assuring we’re really living meaningfully.  As a reader, I can savor a good story with sublime pleasure.  As a human being, I would hope to spend my last night on earth with my beloved partner — maybe with a simple good meal, a movie or show, maybe some music and a good book, and of course the passion and love that we’re blessed with every day.


If you had to be a cat, dog, or a rat, which would you choose and why?

HF: I’d be a spoiled cat in a quiet small town where I can run and play outside to my heart’s content; but then in the evenings I could eat and drink my fill, doze by a warm fire, and cuddle with my adoring human.


What are you reading right now and what is next on your to-be-read list?

“Undercover Boyfriend” by Jacob Z. Flores.  It’s a blast!  And now that it’s October I’m going to dip into some classic short stories: Bradbury, Lovecraft, and of course Stephen King.


Rapid Fire Time

  • Batman or Superman? BATMAN
  • Hawaii or Colorado? COLORADO
  • Peanuts or Cashews? PEANUTS
  • Kanye or Beck? KANYE
  • roller skates or ice skates? ICE SKATES
  • Winter or Summer Olympics? SUMMER
  • Sushi or pasta? PASTA
  • Jock or Thong? JOCK
  • Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings? HARRY POTTER
  • Hats or Fascinators? HATS
  • Shifters or Vampires? VAMPIRES
  • Coffee black or doctored? DOCTORED WITH CREAM
  • Cook or eat out? COOK
  • Favorite beverage? WATER
  • Baseball or Cricket? BASEBALL
  • Twinks or bears? BEARS
  • Swimming or skiing (variation on the beach/mountains)? SWIMMING
  • Lucky Charms or Trix? LUCKY CHARMS
  • Sweet or Sour? SWEET


What are you working on?  What is next?

I’m working on an MM romance that deals with the difficult period of the late fifties/sixties, and how a love might endure all the negative forces trying to drive it apart.


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About the Author

Hank Fielder is from Wisconsin and has lived in London and California. A passionate devotee of soulful romantic music, he has worked a variety of jobs, but his favorite occupation is storyteller. He counts his blessings every night before bed.   His published books and stories include MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY, EMERALD IDOL, WHEN WE PICKED APPLES LAST AUTUMN, and CHRISTMAS IN THE JOINT


Visit him online at http://www.authorhankfielder.blogspot.com and on Twitter at @HankFielder http://www.twitter.com/HankFielder.


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