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Title: Slave Hunt
Author: J.A. Rock
Publisher: Riptide
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, Gay, Gay Fiction
Release Date: 10/17/2016


Thirty people. Two hours. Only the strong will survive.

When Riddle decides to put on a slave hunt, the Subs Club is on board. Tops hunting bottoms in the woods with paintball guns? Yes. Captives strung up on whipping posts, at the mercy of their captors? Hell yes. But on the morning of the hunt, nothing’s going according to plan. Miles and Drix are at odds over Miles’s reluctance to move in together. Dave is determined to show up D, who thinks Dave won’t last two minutes in the woods. Gould finds himself torn between obeying his master’s orders and living out a longtime fantasy. And Kamen inadvertently becomes a double agent when he aligns himself with two different parties.

By the end of the hunt, alliances will be forged and broken, loyalties will be tested, relationships will be strengthened…and someone will barrel roll. Narrated by ten different characters, Slave Hunt tells the story of two hours in the woods that will change everyone forever. Or at least, remind them that love is the greatest victory of all.

Hi! I’m J.A. Rock, and I’m touring the internet to talk about Slave Hunt, Book 5 in The Subs Club series. Thanks so much to the blogs that are hosting me on this tour, and be sure to leave a comment with your contact info for your chance to win a $15 Riptide Publishing voucher.

New Voices: Drix

Slave Hunt has ten narrators, so on this tour I’ll be introducing you to the new POV characters—love interests and friends from the original four books who are now getting a chance to narrate.

Today, I’m introducing you to Drix. We met Drix in Pain Slut—he’s Miles’s six foot seven, super sweet vampyre private eye sadist love interest.

Drix was actually the hardest voice to get right. In creating the ten different voices for Slave Hunt, I had to divide characters into two categories: those who were distinct because of how they thought/spoke—speech patterns, word choice, etc.—and those who were distinct because of what they thought and spoke about.

I originally tried to put Drix in category one, playing around with the rhythm of his narration. But it just wasn’t working, and I couldn’t give him speech patterns that were too out there, because that’s not how he expresses himself in dialogue in Pain Slut.

It was my magical editor who saved the day.

She told me to think about The Silence of the Lambs, and about how Hannibal Lecter notices every detail about people, then uses those details to manipulate everyone. Drix, a former private investigator, probably has that same attention to detail, except he’s not evil. So she suggested making him sound like an incredibly nice Hannibal Lecter.

Game. Changer.

So Drix became a category two character—distinct because he can’t help noticing things about people, and what he notices affects the way he tells his own story.

My favorite part about writing Drix was probably his unexpected connection with Gould. It wasn’t something I’d originally planned for the book, but it made a lot of sense, since Drix is highly sensitive to what other people need, and Gould is very, very bad at stating what he needs. I liked giving those two a chance to spend some time together.


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Local Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Slave Hunt, one lucky winner will receive $15 in Riptide Publishing credit! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on October 22, 2016. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

About the Author

J.A. Rock has worked as a dog groomer, knife seller, haunted house zombie, standardized patient, cashier, census taker, state fair quilt hanger, and, for one less-than-magical evening, a server—and would much rather be writing about those jobs than doing them. A lover of m/m BDSM romance, J.A. lives mostly in West Virginia, and always with a beloved dog, Professor Anne.

Website: www.jarockauthor.com
Blog: http://jarockauthor.blogspot.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jarockauthor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ja.rock.39


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