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Title: Witchy Boys: Sexy Stories for Dark Nights
Author: Katey Hawthorne
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Katey Hawthorne
Genre: Gay, Gay Romance, Other Holiday, Paranormal
Release Date: 10/18/2016


Just in time for Halloween! Two novelettes about men with magic—and the occasional demon.

“Blood Magic and the Mini Zombie Apocalypse”
Griff has a bad habit of getting talked into black magic he shouldn’t be using—but this time it’s even worse. His ex is bent on revenge in the form of a mini zombie apocalypse, and the only person who can help Griff is a hottie white magic practitioner named Blythe. The catch: one of Griff’s spells gone wrong left Blythe with a haunted apartment a year ago, and Blythe isn’t over it.

Still, Blythe agrees to work with Griff. As they unravel the ugly blood, sex, and death magic, they also discover surprising things about each other. Hopefully, it’s enough for the ultimate trust they’ll need to defeat a lot of zombies and a crazed witch, or their town will end up covered in corpses.

Six years ago, Thackeray agreed to let a demon haunt him in exchange for help hunting other demons. It’s a lonely life, but worth it to be the best demon hunter possible — to save families from the kind of evil that ruined his own childhood.

This Hallowe’en, Thackeray’s dealing with an upstart coven. A powerful, pretty witch named Matt defects to help Thackeray stop their scheme to invite god-knows-what from the other side.

Demons are much easier to fight than the urges Matt’s flirting inspires. But Thackeray can’t hook up with a demon watching over his shoulder… can he?

Witchy Boys and Halloween Inspirations

Hello, all! Thanks for having me back to talk about my new release, WITCHY BOYS: SEXY STORIES FOR DARK NIGHTS. It’s a tiny collection of two different, unrelated stories. Okay, semi-related, because they both feature witches, unsurprisingly.

I love this time of year. October has the most perfect weather, the prettiest trees (where I live, anyhow), and the best holiday. There are so many things that are inspiring about this month, when it comes to writing, so I thought I’d make a list of my favorites:

-Non-stop horror movies/ghost shows. I mean, Destination America has declared it Ghostober, come on. Plus you get all the horror movies, from new to old, coming out of the vaults. There’s always something to watch that’ll get the creative juices flowing, which can’t be said most of the year! … Okay I might have kind of an addiction to cheesy ghost shows, but come on. They lead to great ideas.

-Pumpkins. From an early age, I think my brain got rewired to associate pumpkins with the magic of Halloween. That one time of year where I could be anything or anyone I wanted and it was entirely encouraged. So when I see pumpkins, I know it’s on. Ambient pumpkins for the win.

-Decorations. In a similar vein, I love Halloween decorations and lights. Turning the house into a creepy-but-cute display gets me revved up, creatively. Anything goes.

-Fall Smells. The leaves, woodsmoke, apple cider. All of these are so comforting to me, but they’re also exciting for my brain. Our senses of smell are amazing, how they affect our state of mind and memory. When I smell autumn, I want to write and write and write.

-Halloween parties. I’m not even a huge party person, but I love Halloween themed ones. From the big ones at a friends’ house with loads of costumed people to the one that’s just me and my family, red wine, and Bela Lugosi as Dracula. The sheer ambiance of these get-togethers is just so charged with imagination, I can’t get enough.

-Monster stories. I’ve already confessed to my love of ghost shows, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. October is time to break out the scary stories in earnest. From my childhood faves (SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK for life!) to more recent collections of horror from gifted small presses, it is on when October rolls around. Demons, vampires, weres, ghosts, witches, give me all the creatures… and the humans always end up being the real monsters, let’s be honest.
What about you? What inspires you, in October? Let me know in the comments and enter the giveaway!


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About the Author

Katey Hawthorne is an avid reader and writer of superpowered and paranormal romance, even though the only degree she holds is in the history of art. (Or, possibly, because the only degree she holds is in the history of art.) Originally from the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, she currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with her family, two cats, and one very large puppy. In her spare time she enjoys travel, comic books, B-movies, loud music, video games, Epiphones, and Bushmills. Her favorite causes include animal rescue and bisexual representation in media. She is an unashamed fangirl and collects nerdy tattoos like she’s trying to prove it.


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  1. I love october because it is the month when the woods surrounding my are are at their best, with ripe seeds and so many beautiful colours (red, yellow, gold, green… ) I love going for long walks at this time of the year.
    Congratulations on the new release, Katey. It sounds great.

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