Dare to Hope by Kara Nash and Caitlin Ricci ~ Book Review by Caroline

32589052Title: Dare to Hope
Series: Dare Book 2

Author: Kara Nash and Caitlin Ricci

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Anna Sikorska

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 11/11/2016

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: Gay Romance


Christophori Romanoff is an expert at being the perfect son for his homophobic father. But maintaining the facade comes with a heavy price, and when he swears off anonymous sex and getting drunk every night, he needs his friends more than ever. Only he’s convinced they’re busy with their own lives and better off without his interference. On the surface Chris is fine, but underneath the expensive suit and the law degree he got only to please his father, he’s breaking apart from the pressure, and he falls back on his oldest—and most dangerous—coping mechanism.

Samuel Mealamu hoped to hear from Chris soon after their last good-bye in Montana, but as the months go by without a word, he realizes what they started was one-sided. Still, he worries about the destructive path Chris was on and hopes the silence means he’s doing better. But nearly a year later, Chris finally calls, and it’s obvious he’s in trouble. Samuel thinks he’s seen Chris at his worst, but this new, far more broken man might be too much for even Samuel to help.

My View:

I found this story frustrating and really, really wanted to bang Chris and Samuel’s heads together. I also wanted to have a not so quiet word with Chris’s father for being an all-time douchebag. So one thing this book did was bring out my emotions!

If you haven’t read the first book then my advice would be to start there. Although not absolutely necessary as they feature different MC’s they are tied to each other – especially the characters of Chris and Bran. There are intricacies to their relationship that you need to understand to really get to grips with Chris and what makes him tick.

Dare to Hope is not a happy book – not until almost the end – as the title suggests it’s all about having hope. It tackles a serious subject, it has two stubborn and dramatic MC’s who live miles and miles apart, it explodes around a long term friendship and it tackles bad parenting and the consequences of what happens when things come to an end. For the most part these thing affect Chris but Samuel is always in the background ever protective and ready to pick up the pieces.

For the majority of the book I felt that Samuel behaved like a damn saint where Chris was concerned although I didn’t understand his quick temper flare up after being at the 9/11 memorial and his subsequent flight back to New Zealand – at all. That felt out of character for him given the place Chris was in mentally.

Overall this was a good addition to the series but feels a much more serious book than Bran and Kayden’s story. I was hoping for Trent’s story as book 3 but after the epilogue I’m not so sure that will happen.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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