Double Dealing: A Marriage of Inconvenience by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

32603720Title: Double Dealing: A Marriage of Inconvenience

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: Hidden Pleasures

Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 11/01/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Gay Romance


An arranged marriage in New York in 2016… That could never work out.

Caught in a messy merger with the mounting pressure to close a multi-billion-dollar deal, business mogul Ryder Granger finds things are more hostile than the average takeover, but he’s not just interested in acquiring the lucrative Lyon coffee chain. He has an entirely more personal motive hidden beneath his cool exterior and designer suit.

Trace Lyon believes the merger with B&G could be the way out of the closet his strict Southern father keeps him locked in, but there’s one big problem. Ryder Granger is everything Trace wants, and everything his father despises. Two years ago, they shared one incredible night together, but despite the connection and the intense heat, both walked away.

With the deal falling through, Ryder brings an unexpected offer to the table — a more personal type of merger between the two rival families, one Trace is dead against.

Taking control in the only way he can, Trace agrees to marry Ryder, but secretly plots to double deal both his father and Ryder. He just has to get this whole absurd wedding out of the way first and ignore how happy Ryder makes him feel.

My View:

This hovered between and 3 and 4 star read for me but I’m going with 4 because Ryder. Yes, he was rich and yes he spent the entire book reminding us of this fact and yes he was hugely alpha all the time with the whole mine thing going on BUT he was also a little lost stuck up there in his ivory tower and I got great pleasure out of him falling in love and finding some happiness.

There is a lot of backwards and forwards in this story. One night of melt the sheets hot sex and Ryder wants Trace like he has never wanted anything in his life but Trace is younger, in the closet and a bit of a puppet where his father is concerned. Its two years until they come face to face again and sex isn’t on the agenda this time as Ryder is trying to buy out Traces’s family business.

I felt like Trace needed to grow up and at least attempt to put his foot down with both Ryder and his father. They both tried to solve their problems with sex and whilst it was hot it clearly didn’t work. Communication would have worked far better for the pair of them and I think Trace would have had an easier time of things if Ryder had been more open and honest. I’m glad they got their HEA and I liked the way it was instigated – it proved that finally Trace was thinking for himself and Ryder finally got what he wanted.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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