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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s often the day when most people pause to give thanks and have a large family gathering with tons of food. It’s actually one of the few days I shut down my machine early to spend time with family. I appreciate them throughout the year, I make sure to call them periodically, and I also make sure to let them know I love them. But this particular holiday is one of those handful of times in the year where we all take a break and spend time together, and that’s not something I take for granted.

Since I love lists, I keep one with things I’m thankful for.

I’ve got a ridiculously long list of things, but I’m a private person and don’t often share. Case in point, I suck at the whole social media thing. You can see my Facebook page and blog, it’s painfully boring and bare. But I’m trying, I swear I am. hides

So here are a few items that are my standard and a few that come to mind because of the time of year.

  • I’m thankful for the online community of readers, authors, friends, coworkers and associates. Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to design the covers I do or write the stories I write without the endless support. It’s a blessing and I don’t take it for granted at all. Thank you. <3
  • I’m thankful for my family, especially my hubby. He keeps me sane and always offers a well of unwavering support and unconditional love. And for my Rocco (my dog). He keeps me company throughout the day and gives me plenty of hugs.
  • I’m thankful I still have my dad with me. He scared the crap out of me last year and I’m incredibly thankful to have that period of time behind me/us.
  • I’m thankful I can see clearly. I know this ‘thanks’ might sound silly to some, but it’s a biggie for me (especially considering what I do for a living). A little personal info on me…I have bad eyesight. Well, I had bad eyesight. Really bad. So bad I wasn’t able to see my hubby standing directly in front of me without contacts or glasses. I would see a blurry form, that’s it. I had laser surgery over nine years ago. If I’m going to be brutally honest, I wake up most mornings, smile and give thanks—still—for this after all these years. So it makes sense to have it on my list. 🙂
  • I’m thankful for the large Thanksgiving meals that fill me up so much I often nod off while still at my mother-in-law’s house.
  • I’m thankful my nieces are no longer grade-school aged where I need to do the 4am day-after-Thanksgiving-drag-myself-out-of-bed Friday waiting-in-line shopping thing. (yes, I did that for many years and it was painful)
  • I’m thankful for online shopping. Seriously. I don’t like walking into a store and shopping (especially during the holidays and weekends).
  • I’m thankful I was able to get through TSA when leaving Kansas City last month after GRL. Note to traveling authors – putting small tabletop banners in your carry-on bag is not a good idea. When you have four lined up, it looks like something it’s not on the x-Ray machine – then everyone’s afraid to touch your bag to check. :\ Um…oops.


While Thanksgiving is a day specifically for giving “thanks”, don’t wait for that one day out of the year to show appreciation for the people in your life. You’d be surprised how a short email, text, or phone call can brighten someone’s day.

I hope you have a happy, healthy, and safe Happy Thanksgiving.  <3



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~Jaime Reese / Reese Dante

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6 thoughts on “Snippets from my “thank you” list ~ Outside the Margins with Jaime Reese / Reese Dante

  1. No Thanksgiving here, but I would be ever so grateful if you made books one and two of the Halfway House available in audio. 😁

  2. Thanks to you for writing the beautiful ‘Men of Halfway House’ series. It was wonderful to read the first time and will be revisited for years to come! May 2017 bring all of us more to be thankful for…

  3. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. I am trying to show my thanks and appreciation throughout the year. But during day to day live it is difficult. You don’t think about it. You just go on.
    I am thankful for my family, for their love and support.
    And thank youf to all you wonderful authors who share your thoughts with us.

    • Hi, Tanja!

      I worked in an office for many years where a “thank you” was rare. So I always try to show my appreciation throughout the year. But I do agree, life often gets in the way and makes that difficult and we usually think we have plenty of time to do it later.

      That’s why I’m thankful there’s one day in the year where people actually take the time to stop and think about this. Even though it’s a US holiday, it’s difficult to miss the holiday posts on the internet. I just wish a holiday wasn’t needed to call attention to how important it is to appreciate people and things in life.

      Thank YOU for taking the time to stop by and comment. 🙂

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