Sons of Earth (Sons of Outlaws Book 1) by James Cox ~ Book Review by Lirtle

sons-of-earth-cover-1Title: Sons of Earth (Sons of Outlaws Book 1)

Author: James Cox

Publisher: Evernight

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/20/2016

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Apocalyptic/dystopian, Bisexual, Erotica, Gay, Science Fiction


Twenty years after the Outlaw MC series…their children may not know the cost of war but they will know terror when Mars starts to reject humanity.

President of the Outlaw MC of mars has a son. One that matches his temperament and the ability to find himself in trouble wherever he goes. Arie likes the notoriety that being in a biker club offers but being the oldest son of the founding member are big shoes to fill. When a quake makes the sleepy city on mars rumble, Arie and his best friend Kavin are drinking in an off limits spaceship. An unexpected kiss, followed by the quake in an old spaceship makes for a hell of a mistake. They take off without any ability to control the ship. Their destination? Earth.

There’s a lack of clothing, earth animals and a growing relationship between the two men that leaves Arie confused on his future but none of that compares to the dangers. Arie must now face a beast that nearly killed his father…

My View:

Yup, the kids of all of our favorite MC Outlaws are the focus of this new series. Just like the original Outlaw MC of Mars, this is set on the same Red Planet, though with a diversion of sorts to Earth – that’s actually putting it very mildly given the nature of this creature feature adventure. Just like Mars, Cox paints the scenery and atmosphere, with added wonder that could be Earth in the year 3022, with brushes dripping in sense of place. My curiosity about this future Earth: what animals have survived and taken over, how have they evolved, what is the weather like, how has the planet altered in appearance and behavior… we get initial impressions of all of these through Arie and Kavin, best friends. This works as a plot device, as they’ve never been to Earth, never felt the warmth of the sunshine, the taste of rain, the sound of birds singing after breakfast…

As beautiful as Cox’s prose often is, and how well it mixes with his no-holds-barred sex scenes and the choreography of the action-adventure, it’s cut off at the knees by what can barely be considered editing, an unfortunate pattern with Evernight books. Incorrect word usage and grammatical errors make up the bulk of the gopher holes. For the most part I could skip past them while reading, but a few are egregious. The imagination this author shares, though, is what makes this story and these characters: … every year the gap of natural Mars landscape vanished under new trees and shiny buildings. But out there with its red sand and desolate peaks… I felt invincible.

This is Arie. And Arie is a fantastic narrator for this story. Vim, vigor, and a restless attitude all swirl around his attempts to figure out how and where to spread his wings, to make his fathers – Outlaw, Liam, and Reilly – proud, to live up to the love and support they give him, along with the occasional smack upside the head for the trouble that Arie can’t seem to resist sometimes. His blunt nature amuses me and consternates said parents. Well, maybe not so much for Reilly. 😉

I was smiling a lot while reading this, I was enjoying myself, having  fun, buckled in and ready for the ride that started from page one. Along with those already mentioned, Arie is also working on figuring out his sexual identity. It’s a surprise for him, the catalyst for this, and it comprises a wonderful spoke in this ever in motion story. For the most part, this is portrayed honestly, feeling real, and filled with the questioning and two-steps-forward one-step-back progression one often encounters when working out one’s place in the world, be it Mars or long since abandoned Earth.

Along with his prose and sense of place, Cox has stepped it up in the dialogue department. Arie and Kavin are witty and sweet and teasing with each other, and they had me chuckling and nodding my head in understanding often. Their friendship is strong and ever-present in their interactions. Each scene also advances the story. And they definitely share chemistry. Mmm hmm.

It’s of course enjoyable getting glimpses of and references to the now ‘old guard’ Outlaws of the MC, our favorites from the first series. They also add to the more emotional scenes, as well as helping to flesh out Arie’s character in terms of his reactions, decisions, and ways of thinking. Like the vast majority of us, he’s been influenced by his parents and their stories, particularly about Earth. This also sets up what could be a very interesting juxtaposition if utilized in future stories: the views of the young, those with zero exposure and experience with Earth, and the older generation, and all of their understandable baggage about the green planet.

I had such fun reading this and was glad to find I could get past most of the editing issues without much interruption. Cox’s imagination and storytelling and characterization deserve to be well treated, so I am and want to do my part. I’m ready for book 2 and whomever will be the featured characters in it.

There was never a good reason to regret.

PS: I’d love a meaningful cameo of Deviant and Tage in one of the future stories. 😀


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