The Cowboy and the Pencil-Pusher by S.C. Wynne ~ Book Review by Queue

CowboyTitle: The Cowboy and the Pencil-Pusher

Author: S.C. Wynne

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/25/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Western


Paul Smith prefers his calculator to people. People are annoying and demanding, but numbers will never let you down. He works tirelessly for his dad’s mortgage firm, foreclosing when it makes financial sense, and not losing any sleep over it either. Paul’s dad has always been a demanding taskmaster. But when he has a major health scare, Paul’s dad see’s the error of his ways. He decides he wants to change to a more benevolent business model. After having decades of harsh business practices drilled into him, Paul is not a fan of his dad’s new idea.

Cort Callahan lives and has worked on his granddad’s ranch most of his life. But times are hard and they’ve fallen behind on their mortgage. When Paul’s dad decides he wants to offer them a way out of debt, if they’ll just go along with his unorthodox idea of turning the spread into a dude ranch, it’s hard to tell who thinks it’s a worse idea: Paul or Cort.

But when Cort and his granddad take the deal, Paul is forced to work closely with Cort. The two men are surprised to realize they share an intense attraction that only grows stronger the more they’re around each other.

The problem is Paul has spent his life trusting numbers and calculations. No matter how much he wants Cort, when he looks at how different they are from each other, the two of them just don’t add up.

My View:

Another wonderful, sweet romance from S.C. Wynne. Cowboy and the Pencil Pusher isn’t as angsty as some of my favorite Wynne books but I thoroughly enjoyed this tale.

The story centers around Paul Smith (the pencil pusher) and Cort Callahan (the cowboy.) The two meet when Paul talks to Cort about the possibility of Cort’s granddad losing his beloved ranch. Paul works for his dad’s mortgage firm and is prepared to take the ranch but instead proposes turning the land into a dude ranch. Cort agrees and this puts the two in close quarters for a period of time.

Paul is kind of a coldhearted jack ass. Making your life all about business has been drilled into him by his father his entire life and his dad’s recent change of heart doesn’t seem to matter to Paul. But there are so many layers to Paul and only Cort can unpeel them. (Bad analogy? Sorry.)

I loved how Paul and Cort flirted and kind of danced around their attraction to each other until BOOM! neither one could deny it any longer. Their barn (shed) sex was hot and sexy and perfect.

Paul could be very frustrating and I wasn’t sure why Cort just didn’t give up on him, but I’m glad they didn’t. The conflict between them involving Cort’s maybe/maybe-not ex was a bit on the clichéd side but it didn’t take up too much time. Plus the ending was absolutely perfect and so very romantic.



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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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