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There is nothing I can contribute to the current political discussions that has not been said infinitely better by many other people. And given it’s the end of the year, and there’s about a 1000 reasons people could use a distraction, here’s a whole slew of books I’ve read and enjoyed lately.

bonfire Vespers by Irene Preston and Liv Rancourt – I love vampires, and this was an excellent vampire book. Both the MC and the love interest were wonderful, and real effort was put into their histories and such. Loved the setting, that the love interest was POC. Also, this book is written in both third and first person, which I normally dislike, but it absolutely flowed here. The follow up Christmas story, Bonfire, is just as marvelous.

Chaos Station series by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen is excellent from start to finish. The world-building, the histories, the cast of character, the relationship… I seriously loved everything about these books.

winterLove’s Pursuit duology by Jules Radcliffe. Thisseries is awesome because it’s an historical about two bisexual men, and in the second book, about the woman they fall in love with. So first book MM, and second book MMF ^__^ The settings and story are great, I especially love the snowed-in together premise of the second book.

Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger – so I really enjoy Carriger’s work, but I admit I’m stoked as fucking hell she’s doing a series that focuses exclusively on the queer characters in her books. And this was an awesome start! One of my favorite characters gets a sweetheart, I’m beyond thrilled ^_^

inventorAn Evidence of Magic by Kris Michaels and Patricia A. Knight is a rather cool urban fantasy book, about two worlds that live more or less side by side. The way Elysium has treated our world, Everlight, is fascinating (horrifying) and all the little world building details just thrill me. The romance itself leans toward insta, but in a realistic way, it’s a great blend of cute and smutty.

The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge-Rose is the only book on this list that is not a romance. So, you know, remember that romance rules and tropes don’t apply here. I seriously loved the shit out of this book. Scarlet is great, I love the priest who helps her, that he’s so progressive, that she’s black and a lesbian and neither of things are the focus of the book, merely elements of her. I also just plain love demon stuff, and this was awesome demon stuff :3

scarletTurk’s Cay by Kirby Crow. Threesome. Stubborn, oblivious idiot. BDSM. And it’s not all dragged on forever and incessantly, this is a brisk, solid read that is sweet and hot. I mean I’m a long time fan of Crow, so I’m biased, maybe, but I don’t give two shits, this was a great book. The three characters are all very different ages, different stages of life, have different needs, and despite the stubborn efforts of the MC everything comes together beautifully 🙂

Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher is het, but if you love fairytale respins, this is one of the best BatB I’ve ever read (it even includes Belle in a really tragic and terrible way that I did not expect and fucking loved). She’s also got an awesome lesbian fairytale, The Raven and the Reindeer, but though I enjoyed it, I love BaR more.

A Summer Prince by Sadie Sins is about a man who is secretly half-elf, something that will get him killed if he’s found out. But he’s more powerful than he realizes, and winds up mated to another powerful elf (and let me tell you, it’s fun seeing how you deal with an elf prince when their powers of being irresistible get out of control :3 :3 :3)

torque Torque by Charley Descoteaux is one of my favorite books of the whole year. The only thing I hate is that it’s not in print ;_; But it’s about three hella interesting people, the author clearly knows what they’re talking about regarding sexuality and gender, and the MC is such a goddamned sweetheart of a teddy bear I can’t handle it. And it’s MMF, with a trans character, which is hella awesome.

threedatesAnd last but not least, I’ve read two Christmas stories so far that I really enjoyed: Three Dates of Christmas by KC Burns and Christmas Kiss by Annabelle Jacobs. Two of my favorite Christmas premises/tropes, both beautifully executed (and one set in Canada, the other in Australia, which is cool).

And that’s all I’ve got for now ^__^ I hope everyone has a good week, and a Happy Thanksgiving where applicable (and if you’re dreading it, I hope you’re able to slip away and do something you enjoy instead of suffering all day).

~Megan Derr

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