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Title: Jingle Spell
Author: Chris Ethan
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist:
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Gay Romance, Winter Holiday
Release Date: 12/07/2016


It’s the most horrible time of the year.
Smooches under mistletoes and tacky reindeer decorations.
Newly single, Davey has had enough of wasting his love and having his heart broken. Better to be single, he decides. No more dates. No more falling in love. No more dreaming of happy ever afters. Those are for movies.
He’s resolute.
And then Avery steps into his life, bringing care, compassion, and tenderness in his path.
Davey’s so tempted to hope again. But can an online date and a brief encounter turn into anything other than an ephemeral sexual encounter?
Is there a future for them? Will Avery stay? And most importantly, can Davey bear to offer up his heart to the season’s love—just one more time?

Recent Release Spotlight with Chris Ethan

 We are here today to talk about Jingle Spell.  What can you tell us about it?

Jingle Spell is product of love and a touch of magic. It is about true love, but also about the failings and mishaps of looking for the one. It is inspired by my first few weeks dating my, now, fiance, so it’s definitely personal.

Please tell us more about our main characters.

The main character is Davey, a hopeless romantic turned buh humbug because of his misfortune. He is loosely (and I use that term loosely) based on me. But then again most of my characters are based on a part of me. The second character is Avery and he is a mature, settled guy who has lost the life he was building and is looking to put it back together with the right man.

What about Jingle Spell makes you the proudest?

Everything about it. From the cover and the editing, to the story and the characters. Jingle Spell wasn’t planned, but started as an exercise and it ended up being a project I am quite infatuated with.

What is next for these characters?  Is there more to this series?  If so who will we hear from next?

It was never intended as a series, but the stories are there if people enjoy the book. I’m already thinking of plot points for the second novella, but that will only happen if it gathers enough traction to justify me revisiting their story.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

Work hard. Then work harder. Don’t give up! There are more than one ways to be successful and work hard!

What’s the most difficult thing about writing a good short story?

Writing a short story is a challenge because the pace and action are so completely different to that of a novel. You might not necessarily write every single thing that you want to or you might have to tell something rather than show if that’s going to slow down the narrative. You’re trying to tell a mesmerizing story in as few words as possible and that is the hardest part to achieve

What’s your favorite thing to wear?

I love wearing jeans and I love winter because it’s sweater time and I love my sweaters. In fact I’ve got a collection of them

Do you ever abandon a draft partly written and just move on? Do you keep a file of plot ideas?

I don’t think I could call myself an author if I didn’t. I’ve got about ten partly written drafts waiting to be picked up again, cursing me every time I add another note in my ever growing note. So the answer is yes and yes.

What book do you keep by your bed?

At the moment it’s Runes by Soraya as I’m attempting to learn them for the first time in my life.

If you had to be a cat, dog, or a rat, which would you choose and why?

I’d be a dog. Even though I’m nothing like them. They’re a source of constant excitement and happiness and I ‘d like to be that for someone

What are you reading right now and what is next on your to-be-read list?

I’m reading a few Christmas stories from some of my author friends, like Lane Swift’s More Than Christmas.

Rapid Fire Time

Batman or Superman? Superman

  • Salt or Pepper? Salt
  • Neville or Ron? Neville
  • Hawaii or Colorado? Hawaii
  • hot air balloon or blimp? Blimp
  • cinnamon or maple? Cinnamon
  • Tropical island or snow covered mountain cabin? Both
  • Light saber or a Sonic screwdriver? Lightsaber?!
  • Santa Claus or Easter Bunny? Santa. Who the freak cares about Easter bunny lol

What are you working on?  What is next?

I’m currently working on another short, this time a dystopian zombie apocalypse romance titled “If the World Had Never Ended” and from the New Year I’ll be attempting to finish the second book in Once Upon A Guy series, titled “Pretty Little Red”, which is an ace trans romance.


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About the Author

Chris Ethan is a book whore. He enjoys selling his feelings for money and other pleasures and is blatantly unashamed to do so for as long as he breathes. Chris Ethan is also a persona for Rhys Christopher Ethan, author of fantasy and sci-fi. He uses Chris Ethan to share stories of adult queer romance with those who need it. Before you delve into his books however, be warned. He likes putting his characters through shitstorms and hates anything conventional. But then there’s that darned happy-ever-after. Also, he likes swearing. Deal with it!

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