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Title: Like a Phoenix
Author: Olivette Devaux
Publisher: Mugen Press
Cover Artist: Rock Candies Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: 12/07/2016


Cooper loves Ash, Ash adores Cooper. When their Pittsburgh private eye Sig stumbles in with a shiner and a broken heart, the ultimate in hospitality and elemental powers is required to put Sig back together again.
Their threesome was but a temporary fix. As Cooper and Ash yearn to spend time as the couple they were always meant to be, Sig withdraws.
His bruised heart can be healed only by the one that hurt it in the first place. Except he’s a wind master – and a wind master is too dangerous for a fire elementalist. Urban fantasy, MMM and MM with two HEA’s.

Kate Pavelle, now writing as Olivette Devaux

Those of you who know me look at my name and have a set of associations to go with it.
Kate Pavelle.

Boys’n’horses in the Steel City Stories. Breakfall, martial arts. Stories that are both naughty and nice, tales of crime and revenge, angst and retribution, of love that conquers all.

I am here to announce that, for personal reasons, my MM, gay romance, and spicy het romance stories will be moving under a different pen name.

I’ve always been pretty outspoken about my firm belief in the exercise of my First Amendment rights, and in my right to publish whatever the heck I want under my own name. Did I not escape an oppressive regime rife with censorship as a teen? Wasn’t I a homeless political refugee, moving from country to country, before I ended up here in the US of A? And I ended up here gladly, because we have the Bill of Rights and we can say whatever the fuck we want.

So now, I concocted the unlikely name of Olivette Devaux, and I will move all of my indie titles under her protective wings. New books by Olivette Devaux will have a front-matter list referencing my other work. There is no big secret to keep, not from you guys. Not from my readers who have been buying my books and writing reviews and who occasionally drop me a kind and encouraging word. You’re with me, and I get that. You don’t care what name I use, real or fictional.

But my husband cares. It’s become a thing, what I write, and to maintain peace and stability in the house, I zig and I zag as I forge a strategic retreat behind a wall as thin as a sheet hanging off a laundry line.

A wall that thin is, apparently, enough. It’s enough to keep curious co-workers and clients thinking that Kate Pavelle writes tame literary stories and bloody crime fiction. Likewise, there’s no reason to be upset over K.S.Pavelle, a soon-to-be-born alter-ego, who writes YA and NA urban fantasy.

On the other hand, Olivette Devaux remains being the outspoken, uncensored voice of a wildly naive immigrant who still believes that maybe, just maybe, she can write whatever she wants.

I’ve been split in three, and I’m trying very hard to pretend I’m okay with that. I’m trying to tell myself that I’m not a sell-out, an unprincipled coward who blows with the changing wind. Who’s trying to pretend her heart isn’t the least bit broken. Who forges forth every day, because each new morning brings a new beginning. Every day is a gift… and what’s in a name?

This change is no mean feat. I’d like to thank my friends for their support, both moral and material.

Jackie Keswick, for her real-life expertise on shuffling domains like so many chess pieces, and setting up websites that represent all my pen names, all my fiction, and do so for all my readers.

P.D.Singer, for offering all kinds for support to make sure I was okay.

Emma at HardCandyPublishing, for superb support on covers, including swapping out the author names.

My narrator Kevin Chandler, for agreeing to narrate new front and back matter for Luckly Starflowers and Relativistic Phenomena, and to the kind people at Audible, who are navigating me through the complicated process of changing my pen name.

And what of the other stories? The stories by Kate Pavelle or K.S.Pavelle – will they be any good? Of that, you have to be the judge. When you’re ready for something safe for work, for something devoid of erotic content but with controversial darkness and high body count, those two names are the ones to seek out.

And now, allow me to introduce my first Olivette Devaux title: “Like a Phoenix.” Paranormal among well-meaning elementalists who navigate modern world with ancient powers. The guys are still learning to use them. They are learning to tell a friend from a foe. And they are trying to find the perfect relationship, which may, or may not, be a threesome.


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About the Author

Olivette Devaux writes wild, passionate fiction where love conquers all… except for when it doesn’t. Her books have received Honorable Mentions and positive acclaim by USA Today under her Kate Pavelle name. Both Olivette and Kate thank you all for your patience during these “interesting” times!

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