The dreaded New Year list and my spin on it ~ Outside the Margins with Jaime Reese / Reese Dante

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With the holidays rolling through quickly and 2017 sneaking up on us, this is usually the time when we all think back on the year while also looking ahead.

New Year’s Resolutions. I hate them. Which is rather ironic considering my deep love for list-making. But, obviously, if I could change something I would and I could pick any benchmark to make the change rather than the token New Year timeframe to bite the bullet and do it.

I prefer goals. Manageable goals. Like baby steps toward a greater achievements which are totally doable and allow me to reward myself with chocolate or a day off. Other than the traditional eat better and exercise more (um…yeah, right), for me, it’s tough to outline an entire year. So I sort my goal lists into two groups – things I must do, and things I really hope to do. That way, if I don’t get around to that second list – I still reward myself for checking off an item from the “must” list and don’t feel crappy about not getting to that secondary “hope” item. See? Win-win!

Looking back, I did manage to accomplish some major items. I exercised more (I use the word “more” very loosely, literally, my exercise program consists of walking up and down the stairs in my home), I also ate better and lost a little weight in the process. That took longer than a year to accomplish, but hey, it shows dedication—not me dragging my feet (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I also made time to update my artist persona site and I’ve gotten a tiny bit better about making sure it’s updated. (double reward!)


What’s in store for 2017?

I’m close to wrapping up the next book in The Men of Halfway House series. I hope to have more news in the beginning of the new year if all goes well and I stay on track. These guys make me smile and it’s a lighter read than the last one.

I’ve also committed to appearing as a signing author at Coastal Magic Convention in February (Daytona Beach, FL). It’s my first non-GRL appearance and I’m…nervous. I wanted to try wearing my author hat in a different setting. I swear I was rational when I decided to do that, but my nerves are getting the better of me. So if you happen to be in Florida around that time, stop on by, say ‘hi’, spare a calming hug, or just offer a smile so I don’t feel like a total alien in a new setting.

As far as other author items on my checklist, I’m a horrible blogger so I won’t even attempt to add this little nugget onto my list. Not to mention always having that dreaded question hovering over me: What do I blog about? Kudos to people who can blog at the drop of a hat. Sadly, I can’t.  So any time I can spare goes into my writing time.

One major item I’m adding to my “must” list is time off. Hubby and I have already had a serious talky about it, and we both agree we need sanity time throughout the year. We just returned from taking a few days off this month, and my goodness, am I recharged. As an added bonus, I was able to get so much writing done while away that it’s twice the motivator to take more time off. So I’m adding a double star to that item on my “must” list. 🙂


While New Year’s Resolutions don’t really work for me, short lists do seem to help channel my focus a bit better. Completing small achievements geared toward a larger goal seems to work better for me and is less overwhelming with my worktime constraints. Nothing unattainable, but they still require some degree of dedication to achieve.

Now I just need the stars to align and help me make them happen. 🙂

I wish you and yours a very happy and safe New Year!

~Jaime Reese / Reese Dante

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2 thoughts on “The dreaded New Year list and my spin on it ~ Outside the Margins with Jaime Reese / Reese Dante

  1. Thank you for sharing what you have in story for yourself and readers. Looking forward to the next book in The Men of the Halfway House series. Hope you and your hubby do manage to find some more time off in the near future.

    • Hi, H.B. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      I’m hoping to make an announcement soon after the start of the new year (re: Vann & Drayton’s book).

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a very happy and safe new year!


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