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Title: Regeneration
Author: Louise Lyons
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist:
Genre: Gay Romance, Science Fiction
Release Date: 01/15/2017


In the 23rd Century in the galaxy of Sigma Kappa, Kim Fortune was the first surviving experimental enhanced human—a regenerate. Aged 15, he escaped the lab and years later, his failings as a regenerate and the suspicion of regular humans, leave him lonely and lacking in self-worth. Stranded on an abandoned planet, the arrival of a stricken ship and its crew give him hope that he may finally find what he always longed for—love.

Christian Novak is a successful regenerate with all the intended attributes—including lack of human emotion. Despite their immediate attraction to each other, Kim’s failing confidence, and Christian’s inability to empathize are a recipe for disaster. But war, imprisonment, and danger throw them together, and after each saves the other’s life, their feelings begin to change.

Can a seemingly unsuitable pair ever find love, or is a future together destined to fail?

Recent Release Spotlight with Louise Lyons

We are here today to talk about Regeneration.  What can you tell us about it? I originally wrote the story in NaNoWriMo 2014 and then finished it over the next few weeks. Then I was busy with other things and nothing happened with it. I eventually went back to it and with some major rewrites, it’s taken me two years to get it ready. But I’m happy with the finished story so I feel it was worth the wait. It’s my first venture into the world of sci-fi, with the story being set in a fictitious galaxy two hundred years in the future. Although I’ve created a world for the book, the focus is on the main character, Kim Fortune, his development and hopes, and eventually his relationship with Christian Novak.

Please tell us more about our main characters. Kim is the main character. Physically he’s slender but strong, beautiful with jet black hair and turquoise eyes, and no body hair other than on his head. He suffers from a certain amount of self-loathing due to the way he was treated in the laboratory where he was created. Most of the attributes he should have as an experimental species, didn’t work, and his creators never let him forget it. He longs to find someone to love him, and thinks he never will. He’s extremely lonely in the early part of the story, and then filled with hope and fear when he meets Christian, a fully successful “regenerate.”

Christian Novak comes from the second batch of the experimental enhanced humans. He’s tall, muscular, with dark hair and brown eyes. He’s not classically attractive, but Kim develops an instant attraction to him, which is returned. But Chris was created to have no human emotion and he sees Kim as nothing more than a quick bit of fun. He initially seems to be a bad guy, a criminal and a killer, but all is not what it seems and it turns out that he’s not what his captor makes him out to be. I hope the readers will like him, although he doesn’t make himself particularly likeable until he reveals more about himself.

What about Regeneration makes you the proudest? It’s both my first sci-fi themed story, and my first self-published full length novel, so I’m proud of achieving both of those things with it. I’ve had some very promising comments from my pre-readers, so fingers crossed people will like the finished product.

What is next for these characters?  Is there more to this series?  If so who will we hear from next? It’s not part of a series, I’m afraid. But they do get their HEA.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be? Read, read, and read more. Someone told me that when I was starting out, and it helps hone your writing skills like you wouldn’t believe.

What part of a new story comes to you first? Characters? Plot? A scene? A theme? Or does it vary from book to book? It varies for me, but usually the basic plot comes first – occasionally it’ll be a particular scene that sticks in my head and makes me want to write a story around it. Then the main characters present themselves, but I have to think and plan to work out their names, backgrounds etc, and who I’m going to introduce to fill out the story – such as friends and families.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever had someone say about one of your books in an email or review? I had a few pre-readers help me out with Regeneration, and I was delighted when one of them said my world building was amazing. Two years ago I submitted the book to a publisher and although it was rejected, they were kind enough to tell me I needed to work on my world building. So after some major sections being rewritten, I was over the moon when someone said they loved the very thing I wasn’t sure was good enough.

Do you read your reviews, and if so do they influence the way you write the next book at all? I do read them most of the time. At first the bad ones bothered me, and I’d think about the comments and wonder how I could have done things differently. But I don’t let them influence me. You can’t please everyone, and there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like a character, or the way the plot went, or something else. I write what I feel. If I tried to write to please everybody else, I wouldn’t be happy with the story.

If you could rewrite your first published novel what would you change? I’d switch it to first person POV, which for me personally works an awful lot better than third person. And I’d remove some of the sex scenes. There are A LOT.

If you could be one of your characters who would you be and why? I’d be Dean from Favorite Toy. He gets to be with Casper Mancuso, who is the sweetest, sexiest, adorable chatterbox of a character. I love the character Casper so much I named my puppy after him.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? I’d be able to travel through time. Then I’d jump forward a day, get the winning lottery numbers, come back and buy a ticket.

If you had to be a cat, dog, or a rat, which would you choose and why? I’d be a dog. I love them and I often wonder what it would be like to be my dog. He’s a bit nuts, a bit over-excitable, and loves his food – just like me.

Do you remember a character talking about a particular food and it made you want to eat it RIGHTNOW? and if yes, what was it? In Regeneration, MC Kim tries eating beef for the first time, and the way he describes it made me want a plate full of steak.

Rapid Fire Time

Peanuts or Cashews? Cashews

Favorite Color? Purple

Australia or England? Australia

Favorite meal? Chilli

Sushi or pasta? Pasta

first pet and name? Cat – Tinkerbell

Country or City? Country

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Tattoos or piercings? Tattoos

Favorite flower? Sunflowers

What are you working on?  What is next?

I’m three-quarters of the way through writing a taboo novella called Separation. It’s about twins, Matthew and Tremaine, who were separated at birth. Their mother died in child birth and their father could only cope with one baby. They meet when they’re twenty-one and… things happen.

I’m also working on a novel with paranormal elements to it. It’s called The Power of Will and is set in Cumbia, UK. The main character, Tyler, has recently split from a long term partner, and moved away from home. Strange things happen in his broken down little cottage and he meets someone with a traumatic past.


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About the Author

Louise Lyons comes from a family of writers. Her mother has a number of poems published in poetry anthologies, her aunt wrote poems for the church, and her grandmother sparked her inspiration with tales of fantasy.

Louise first ventured into writing short stories at the grand old age of eight, mostly about little girls and ponies. She branched into romance in her teens, and MM romance a few years later, but none of her work saw the light of day until she discovered FanFiction in her late twenties. Posting stories based on some of her favourite movies, provoked a surprisingly positive response from readers. This gave Louise the confidence to submit some of her work to publishers, and made her take her writing “hobby” more seriously.

Louise lives in the UK, about an hour north of London, with a mad dog called Casper, and a collection of tropical fish and tarantulas. She works in the insurance industry by day, and spends every spare minute writing. She is a keen horse-rider, and loves to run long-distance. Some of her best writing inspiration comes to her, when her feet are pounding the open road. She often races home afterward, and grabs pen and paper to make notes.

Louise has always been a bit of a tomboy, and one of her other great loves is cars and motorcycles. Her car and bike are her pride and job, and she loves to exhibit the car at shows, and take off for long days out on the bike, with no one for company but herself.

Social Media

Facebook: www.facebook.com/louiselyonsauthor
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Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/louiselyons013
Instagram: www.instagram.com/louiselyons013
Blog: www.louiselyonsauthor.com
Email: louiselyons013@gmail.com

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