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Title: King of the Sea
Author: Nathan Bay
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Nathan Bay
Genre: Fantasy, Gay, Science Fiction
Release Date: 01/17/2017


Plunge into the icy dark waters of the San Francisco bay with this gay erotic tale of murder, mutiny, and mermen.

Carlos Santiago is a man on the edge of sanity. After battling cancer, he’s developed an obsession with death, fearful that it’s lurking behind every shadow, waiting to steal his last breath. Then a sexy encounter with an alluring merman turns his world upside down and gives him new hope for the future.

But escaping his former boyfriend, Dr. Tyson Thorne, won’t be so easy. When Carlos discovers shocking medical experiments were taking place behind his back, he embarks on a race against time to unlock the mystery of the doctor’s secrets before he gets caught.

With danger threatening him at every turn, can Carlos escape the hands of death a second time? And can he trust his new merman love interest when everyone around him seems to be hiding a dark secret? Find out in King of the Sea, the tantalizing new gay erotic thriller by Nathan Bay.

Recent Release Spotlight with Nathan Bay.

We are here today to talk about King of the Sea. What can you tell us about it?

Thank you for hosting me. I’m honored to have the opportunity to tell you and your readers about my new book, particularly because the story behind it is so personal for me.

King of the Sea is a gay erotic thriller with sci-fi fantasy elements. It takes place in the secluded beach town of Bay Cove, across the waters from San Francisco. (Bay Cove is a fictional location, combining features of San Francisco, Sausalito, and Belvedere into a central setting.)

Please tell us more about our main characters.

  • Carlos Santiago is a young gay man who’s recently battled testicular cancer and his life is falling apart. He thought he’d found his happily-ever-after; reached that ever elusive milestone so many people strive for where everything aligns perfectly. He had the perfect partner, the perfect home, the perfect health, and it seemed like nothing could stand in his way. But that life is slipping through his fingers and he’s lost all sense of stability, and much of his sanity in the process. Now he has to look inward for his strength and perseverance to create a new life for himself.
  • Dr. Tyson Thorne is an obstetrician and Carlos’s partner. He’s brilliant, innovative, and disciplined enough to achieve whatever he sets his mind to. His latest obsession is altering the human body, pushing it beyond its limits and changing the way life begins. What started as a noble cause has taken a darker path and now he will ruthlessly do anything to get what he wants, even if it means playing God.
  • Ross is a mysterious merman who holds the secrets of the sea. He’s driven by his compassion for all living beings and has the ability to heal with his powers, though he’s still discovering his own strength. I won’t reveal too much about Ross though, as his story is most compelling when told through his own words.

What about King of the Sea makes you the proudest?

I’m proud of my protagonist, Carlos Santiago, who gave me an outlet to pour my heart into. After I finished writing King of the Sea, I felt healed. It was an empowering experience.

I wrote it to commemorate the one-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. At the time I was still dealing with lingering fears that the cancer wasn’t really gone from my body. At times I felt obsessed with Death—capital D—as if it were a person. It’s the ugly reality cancer survivors often grapple with but keep hidden.

We’re healthy, we’re living, we should just relax and be grateful, right? That’s what we tell ourselves. But it’s not that simple.

Something terrifying has touched us personally, and we can’t just bounce back as if it were nothing. Cancer changes a person. So we feel powerless and distrusting of happiness. We develop a skewed sense of reality, believing that if we put our faith in the future, the rug will be pulled out from under us again with more bad news.

Writing King of the Sea helped me put most of those demons to rest. I’ll never be quite the same, but I’m so much better than I was. That alone made it worth putting myself out there and writing this book. If readers connect with it and enjoy it, I’ll consider it a bonus.

What is next for these characters? Is there more to this series? If so who will we hear from next?

You’ll be hearing from Peter in my summer release, titled The Invisible Plan. Peter is mentioned in King of the Sea as being Carlos’s best friend from Nashville. In my next book, Peter uncovers a sinister plot to attack the LGBT community and must fight to thwart it.

I like the concept of creating a world of characters who are interconnected, but their stories aren’t reliant on each other. One of my favorite authors of dark comedy, Christopher Moore, uses this technique. His characters make cameos in each other’s books, but they don’t affect the plot.

This leaves the door open for future interpretation. The lives of my characters overlap in books without being part of a series. But I do think there is strong potential for Carlos to return again as a main character in a future book, perhaps even a sequel. We’ll just have to see. 😉

What part of writing a book comes the hardest for you?

The editing process—My. God. I can write characters, scenes, and dialogue until my fingers are numb. No problem. But I hate editing. Author Daryl Banner of the Brazen Boys and Outlier series was gracious enough to provide his editing talents to this book. This allowed me to focus on the heart of the story, the journey of the characters, and then I could look to him for the editing.

What tool do you use to plan scenes? (such as index cards, white board, ouiji board, etc)

I haven’t tried using a ouija board for writing but that’s a good one.

I do a lot of planning by writing notes on my phone and syncing them to my computer. I write down everything. Many of my notes are one sentence but I like to save them all because I never know where they will lead.

The idea for King of the Sea started with a note card from 2013, which read: “Man walks around Golden Gate Bridge at night, thinks he sees a merman.” That’s it. The card was buried in my desk drawer for three years and then one day I re-discovered it and the whole story played out in my head. It’s amazing how that happens.

When I’m ready to begin writing my book, I plan out each scene on an index card and tape it to a large three-panel board that I pin over my work area. The center panel features each chapter with a synopsis. The left panel is open for feedback from beta readers, which I add to new cards, and the right panel has my own free flow of ideas on cards. I enjoy being able to look up at the board for guidance and inspiration as I’m bringing the story to life.

How do you keep characters consistent through a story? Do you write out extensive character bibles?

Yes. I keep notes on each of them and fill out information on their personalities. What’s their backstory and where did they come from? What’s their favorite food, color, movie? Favorite holiday? What would their results be on a Myers-Briggs personality test? When’s their birthday? I keep track of all of that.

If the world were going to end tomorrow, how would you spend your last night on earth?

There would be a lot of Doritos eaten. A LOT. I love the Tapatio Doritos but rarely eat them because they’re filled with sodium and chemical crap… But they’re soooo good, even if they do burn my tastebuds off with their spicy heat.

On a serious note, I do think in my own way I try to live each day as if the world were ending tomorrow. I make a point to tell my family and friends I love them. I always hug and kiss my husband and son goodnight. If the world ended tomorrow, I’d be at peace with how I lived. My mother used to tell me, “Today is all we have, so make the most of it.”

Rapid Fire Time

  • Batman or Superman? Superman
  • Salt or Pepper? Pepper, preferably cayenne
  • Ice Skating or Ice Hockey? Ice Hockey
  • Boxers or Briefs? Briefs
  • Cinnamon or Maple? Cinnamon
  • Mr. Bean or Leslie Nielsen? Mr. Bean
  • Paddle or flogger? Paddle
  • Australia or England? England. I think I was British in another life.
  • Tardis or DeLorean? Tardis
  • Light saber or a Sonic screwdriver? Light saber
  • Call or Text? Text
  • Handcuffs or Rope? Handcuffs
  • Jock or Thong? Jock
  • Sex or Chocolate? Sex
  • Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings? Harry Potter
  • Waxed or Furry? Groomed
  • Shifters or Vampires? Vampires
  • Baseball or Cricket? Cricket
  • Kirk or Picard? Picard
  • Favorite flower? Iris, in memory of a friend


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About the Author

Nathan Bay writes gay-themed fiction about ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances. His characters fight for love while fighting to save their lives, pitted against the dark forces of evil who threaten to take it all away.

Nathan currently resides in sunny California with his husband, son, and a schnauzer named Mrs. Madrigal.

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  1. The thought of mermen gliding though the murky waters of the San Francisco Bay is magical and mesmerizing. Add the fog enshrouded Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. Insert an MC whose strength and will to live have kicked the Big C in the ass. And after battling for his life, said MC is determined to thwart the evil machinations of a doctor with a God-complex…….? Can’t wait to read this book!.

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